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Romance, drama, and erotica.

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Spanish Flyy: An Erotically Twisted Tale

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Dr. Raquel Howard is living the glamorous life, spending money she coldly inherited after the demise of her fiancee who wouldn t abide by her love. Now, kismet has landed her in the arms of a new love Montez Santana and this time she is certain it s the real deal as every inch of her unquenchable thirst is pacified. With secrets, wealth, and a hidden identity to kill for, Raquel is prepared to do whatever it takes to maintain her status, never knowing from which source the betrayal will emerge. No longer haunted by her shadowy past, she soon learns there is something or someone she's forgotten.

Her boyfriend, Santana who has an undeniable history of family drama is once again struggling to conceal his own dysfunction. With family secrets that would surely keep him single, he has to choose between protecting them or his girl. Raquel begins to learn all isn't perfect in paradise when a simple reunion sparks a catastrophic chain of events, her drug-addicted twin sister comes to town, and the bonds which once held it all together, break. Another twisted tale by Naija.

Between My Thighs: An Urban Erotic Tale

Her love was to die for, but her man wouldn't abide When thirty-year-old Raquel Howard graduated from college back in 1999 with her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, she promised herself that the next man that ventured between her thighs would be equivalent to her tight ass credentials. Tired of sexing brothers who had no business between her thighs, going out of her way to please her man, Raquel thought she'd never find a love of her own. Vibrant and secure in her sexuality, one man couldn't satisfy her sexual crave - until she met Troy Thomas, owner of a multi-million dollar corporation and ex-lover of her girlfriend Dallas Jones. Troy, a smooth-operator and established businessman was exactly what Raquel needed to tame the insatiable desire to constantly have a piece of good-loving inside her, but when love, lust, and lies collide, violence parks and a triangle of secrets are revealed. Naija delivers a climatic, mysterious, and page-turning spinner in this erotic tale.

Can't Help but Wait | Pre-Order
Pre-order available in Paperback, Kindle, NOOK!, iTunes

When love calls, some can’t help but wait...

Ananda Adams has everything under control—her Bentley, her career and her relationships. Every man’s wet dream, Ananda is fierce. Her companion is the sexiest man in entertainment and has gotten rid of his side piece to show her he’s committed. She loves him but not that much. She keeps her ex, her true love  close, but not close enough. When she returns home to Detroit on a business trip, they rekindle and ignite a flame that burns. Somehow, he forgot to tell her he’s getting married, tomorrow...

Zuri, her best friend, has the celibacy blues. He has been faithful to his calling to serve God, but is being challenged by the constant throb in his pants. Not having sex is one thing, but his covenant calls for no masturbation either. Being around Ananda and all her sexiness isn’t helping. He needs to find a wife, and fast before he does something that will surely require him to repent...

When love called, she answered. Najee loves her life, three kids, and husband. He knows how to cool her off and does, every night. That is, until he is deployed to Iraq. She takes comfort in a friend, but when that compassion turns into obsession, she’ll need her husband’s combative skills to save her—if he makes it back from the war...

And then there’s Kendis, the one who has a habit of never finishing what he starts. It doesn’t bother him that he has two children, a third on the way, and a wife. He is conveniently single and ready to mingle. When his wife finds out he is back to his old ways, she’ll do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t roam for good...

These couples are about to find out they are connected, in more ways than one. They'll soon discover sometimes you Can’t Help but Wait, but will they...

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